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Genia Kelley



Genia Kelley grew up in the ranching town of Killdeer,
North Dakota back when it was small and everyone
knew your name. She always had an interest in being
a deejay, and during her senior year of high school,
it was while she was a guest on KFYR-AM on the
Bill Branigan show that she truly caught the bug.
Genia Kelley has been in the radio industry for…
well…over 20 years. She has worked at radio
stations across North Dakota from Fargo to
Williston, and retired from the business in 2011…
but once a deejay always a deejay as they say,
and Genia Kelley returned to the airwaves in
October 2014 with hopes of making it to 30 plus
Genia is currently living the dream in rural McClusky,
North Dakota, enjoying her “new to her" home. She
loves listening to the ducks "laugh" on the nearby
pond while unwinding with a glass of wine
on the deck. Genia has three children, a daughter
and two sons, and a cat. All of whom are taller than
her. Except the cat.

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